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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Corn Maze & U-Pick Pumpkin Patch

I must say that spending time out side is relaxing as well as spending all your time all day long in your house sleeping or maybe eat your favorite food. The whole week was a roller-coaster both me and my husband were both very busy. I am busy with my school and he had so much stuff to do with his work.

I was thinking to spend a little bit of time outside to get some fresh air and just have a little bit of fun outdoor. We went to CornMaze in Louisville between Dillion Rd and McCaslin. The area was pretty big and they have a lot of pumpkins whereever you look. We drove up to get to Corn Maze, the afternoon was a bit windy, so after we get off the car I feel like sucking all the dust. We took the witch maze because the tail is longer. After we found five markers in 1-hour and we decided to get out the maze because it's getting too windy.

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Of course my kitty came with us to have some fun in the maze. I think she enjoyed it as much as we do. She didn't want to be carry which made us slow down a little bit. Well, our purpose is not racing but to enjoy and have some fun and we really did.

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Corn Maze w/ MingMing

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After we found the Corn Maze Exit

Afte the maze we decided to stop by the nearby farm to pick some pumpkin and later realize that we can't have them in our house because our realtor is very picky on what to put in our house. So, I decided to have some picture instead.

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U-Pick Pumpkin Patch


remeline said...

hello, i do not know how to leave msg in your shout box. Care to link ex? http://lheeanne.com/remeline

♥Shabem®♥ said...

Oh we can't wait for our turn pod. Hopefully so soon.My little one loves to go there ma enjoy cya sa pony ride ug pa picture lang pod sa mga pumpkins hehehe..
Ayo2x diha!

NoVa said...

hi, thanks for the visit... i do appreciate what you did, huge pumpkin eh? i can see ur enjoying it.. i'm sure you'll be..

btw, i want to leave you a message on ur tag, but i'm not sure why can't i find the message box where i can write..

have a nice day..

NoVa said...

i've seen that, pero di nko makita, where to put my message na my name on it, i'm not sure why, but its all empty, the one i can see were just a purely the message box, and the written messages...