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Monday, July 21, 2008

Made more calls to get a copy with my Office 2007

I did call Lenovo sales today to figure out on how to get a copy for my Office 2007 that I purchased and pre-installed in my IBM Laptop. I did spoke with different people including the IBM tech support as well as the Lenovo sales people. No such such luck for me, everyone was asking the product key number which I also kept telling everyone that I didn't have one because I don't have the Office CD with me. So finally, I asked Lenovo sales representative if they have number for Microsoft in order for me to reach Microsoft support to help me out get a copy for the Office 2007 disk I purchased last 2007.

I kept my fingers crossed and hoped for the best that someone could help me get a copy of my CD. I finally get of hold with the Microsoft support and for once I had somebody knew what they were talking about. I again explained to them the situation and also told them that I called IBM and the Lenovo sales and I didn't get any answers from them about the problem I am having right now. This Microsoft customer service representative was very helpful and directed me to the CD Replacement Department. I spoke with another person from the CD Replacement Department and this person was asking me proof of purchase faxed to them in order for them to send me another copy of the Office 2007 CD.

I was very happy indeed that finally one problem is solved. My husband and I went to FedEx/Kinkos to fax the document. Though it was too late for them to received the document because of the time difference there's always tomorrow. So, I just have to wait and get an update from Microsoft CD Replacement tomorrow.

So long for now everyone... got to get some sleep...

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