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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Information about data formats

Some of us do not know much about data formats. I myself is not a guru about different data formats and do not know really much about particular software to use to open certain file extensions. By reading through file-types.com I found the writer’s blog very helpful. I kind of know what is widget but did not fully know the full use to it until now after I read the blog post. Have you heard about Konfabulator before? Before I continue reading I asked myself the same thing since I have not heard about this word and really do not know its purpose. What is Konfabulator? According to the blog writer some of its use runs some files on its own such as the “Opera Widgets”. The writer also mention other engines that uses this to run a file which includes Kapsules, Stardock DesktopX, and Avedesk. More interesting part after a user install the program this enables the program to function the user’s desktop. The other option to download the program is through yahoo, the user has to turn on his ‘dock’ that manages the files on a user’s desktop. Anyway, the blog writer also has more information about different file extensions such as QIF, PGM, NTH, MPG, LNG, JNLP, IMP and so much more. You can read its single purpose by visiting the blog website. Surely you will get more helpful information about different file extension and its uses.

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