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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Do You Want A Beautiful Lawn 365 Days a Year?

I was not very sure how good the artificial grass in the lawn until I saw one of my neighbor’s yard and feel their artificial grass with my own barefoot. Pure green all year round, you do not need to mow your lawn, or put fertilizer to keep your grass green. My only concern was if it gets hot during summer time. I found out that it does not get very hot at all. –Artificial grass are just look like the natural one and you cannot even tell the difference until you step on it with your bare feet or feel it with your hands. In 2009 I have heard some of my neighbors talking about the prices of water is going to increase. Of course this is not a good thing for everyone. If you have natural grass and water at least twice or three times a week this would really increase your water bill. I already started looking into different artificial grass company and soon would like to get quote comparison. Hopefully I can get a very good deal with the artificial grass that my husband and I are planning to replace our natural one. My neighbor recommended Artificial Grass Los Angeles CA because one of his friend used them and they are happy with the service they provided.

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