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Sunday, July 11, 2010

So Far I Am Happy with My DVR

When I moved here in CA at first I used Time Warner Cable. I am used of having a cable service since you can have combo services like cable, phone and internet or if you have other internet phone service you can also have cable and internet combo. Either way you can still save some extra dollar. What is pretty neat about it is you can also add international channels which the price is not that bad at all. Back then I had no interest to put any DVR in my apartment just because of the look of the dish hanging in the corner of my apartment unit. It just doesn’t look too attractive. Right now you might think I am just being too picky. I guess you are right. Then when my husband and I moved to a house we started thinking of getting a satellite service through either Dish Network or Directv DVR. I called Dish Network to get a quote and compare them with Direct TV. I thought Dish is a bit cheaper in comparison with Direct TV. So I decided to set-up an appointment for dish installation. But then, they have time frame between 1 and 4 to get to my house to install the satellite dish but no one showed up. I don’t want to hold my schedule because they can’t keep theirs. So I called them as an unhappy customer and told them to cancel the schedule because no one is going to be home when their guys arrive at my house I cannot sit for another hour or some since I have other commitments. The following day I called Direct TV and set up and appointment with them to install the satellite dish and have HD DVR at home. So far right now I am pretty satisfied of having a DVR at home.

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