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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Moving in to Our New House in Colorado

On April 29th, 2005 we moved in to our new house in Colorado. I was very excited that finally we can live like a normal people, though we still are, but I still feel that we aren't because of too much traveling for the last 2-3 years. Since we left Omaha for New York then New York to New Jersey after that we traveled for a vacation to the Philippines then to Thailand. When we got back here in the USA we still lived in a hotel, it is like a never ending road. I am so tired staying in the hotel all the time, I feel as if I am inside a small see through box 'cause I can barely have a privacy at least a day without somebody knocking on my door.

Staying in a hotel is no fun after awhile, it was tiring and a waste of money too. I only have a few stuff to packed because I already moved most our things. I have a few things in the refrigerator and in the kitchen, I also have one suitcase and a basket of important stuff. They pretty much fit inside my small car, I was so glad that I will not do two trips. Moving was not really fun.... it's very exhausting eventhough we don't have that many things to move, how much more if we did have bunch junks. I was so thankful that my husband and I already moved our things to our new house a week before we moved in. Or else we really both gonna be very exhausted and cannot relax for the weekend. No need to rest 'cause we have visitor to entertain and I need a dining table 'cause we don't have one.

My father-in-law also arrived at lunch time in Denver airport and so I drove down to the airport and pick him up. Later in the afternoon, me and my father-in-law drove around and look for a store that sell a very cheap table to use, it's not really a big deal if it's cheap 'cause it's only for temporary use. I really feel so tired in the evening, but we still need to go out for dinner. So, we went to the korean restaurant in Sheridan Blvd. My favorite korean restaurant, of course, because that's the closest one. They have pretty good korean food.

Lesson Learned: It really feels good to feel excited, eventhough you are exhausted of having lots of things to do. Simple excitement really lift up my soul. I love the house and I am very happy having a house in a good neighborhood that me and my husband can enjoy outdoor activities.


dodong flores said...

I was curious at how long you were staying in a hotel. If it's a month, that's a lot of money already :)

We also have Sheridan here in Mandaluyong :D

Irene said...

A few weeks, but it's part of our business expense. :)