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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Craving for Filipino Food

Do you know any Filipino who doesn't crave for Filipino food?

The taste of Filipino food is very different compared with a typical American dishes. You really crave to have at least a taste of it once in a while. You may say that you are not going to miss the food. Let us see after you move to a foreign country and live away from home for quite a while I am pretty sure that you are going to find our own food.

The only food made by my bare hands in the Philippines is "Kalamay", "Sticky Rice", "Bihon", and "Fruit Salad. I know nothing how to prepare other filipino specialty food. I thought they were complicated to make and just don't have a lot of luxury time to cook them. But I was a very good observer during special occassions when my relatives cook food for their visitors. I also help them chop the ingredients needed and that's about the capability I have in the kitchen.

After I moved here in the United States, I started to prepare Filipino food because I felt that I have nowhere to go to find my own native food (Bisaya). I was surprise that my first main course Filipino food came out okay, that was "Nilagang Baka". It was kinda bland but you just have to add a bit of salt or soy sauce to make it more tasty :) or maybe chilli paste to have a little bit of spice on it if you wanted to. Good thing is I have my husband helping me out to eat them. Overtime, the taste of my food keeps improving.

Since then, I tried to cook different Filipino dishes from scratch serving friends and family. I feel good cooking food for my friends and family and see that they really enjoy and love the food I made for them. They make me feel to cook more food for them.

It is indeed very true of what many people said that, "Practice Makes Perfect."

"The more you practice, the better you will become. If you want to become great, then you should practice as much as possible."

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