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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Exhausting Week

So much stuff to do with school that I couldn't even keep up with my blog. I had 2 tests this week and case papers due. I have another test next week with my Auditing class and papers due for my Fraud.

School life makes me miserable sometimes and made me feel quitting hoping that everything is over soon. Quitting is not really on my vocabulary list and I don't want this word on my list either. So, all I can do is try harder, which I really am.

I am hoping that I did well with my Accounting Information System test last Thursday. That test was really very hard plus the campus fire alarm that made me forget almost everything I studied for the test and we had 10 minutes fire drill for safety. One student didn't know how to use the microwave, I guess :).

Every single week frustration never forget to visit me with my miserable school life. All I can do is expect it for me not to be surprise.

OK folks I have to take off now... still have some other stuff to do.


♥Shabem-®♥ said...

Just relax you can do it!
I've been there it was tough. Ming rest sa ko ron na year puhon balik ko ug naa na si mama dinhi makatabag.
Passing by here Irene!

dodong flores said...

That must be very challenging. I hope you're not that busy right now...

Anonymous said...

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dodong flores said...

Hi! Any update? :D