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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Met My Long Lost Friend in San Diego

I spoke with Anabelle today and she and one of her friend are going out for lunch at the Manila Fast Food in Mira Mesa. Because this place is not that far from where I live which is in La Jolla, we decided to met for lunch. We haven't seen each other for the last few years, so I was happy to meet up with her again and met her friend too. I was a little bit late because of such short notice from her that they are going to the restaurant.

I had chicken soup, vegetables (pinakbet) and rice for lunch. I usually don't order order more than I think I can eat, but once in a while is fine. We had pretty good lunch. I also tried their Halo-Halo, it was pretty good but their ice was a little bit bigger than what i am used to. It seems like it was not property shaved specially for Halo-Halo.

After we had our lunch we went to Ross to walk around after our heavy lunch. The plan was we will just go there to window-shop, but I surely didn't go with the plan because I found this neat beach bag and flip-flops. So, I decided to buy them including the bathroom travel pack. Oh well, I have to buy them because I needed these items.

Before heading to Pier 1 we decided to take some pictures first. As usual 'Filipina's Favorite' picture taking. The day is not complete with friends not taking pictures. Our last stop before we all separated our own ways was Pier 1. They had a lot of nice items for house decoration for spring and summer, because I don't really need extra stuff for my very small apartment. Browsing around was good enough for me and enjoying it.

After I arrived home, I browsed around different homes in Encinitas online. My schedule is to make a lists of homes that I am going to visit next week Monday (June 2).

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