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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bolsa Chica Reserve

June 7, 2008

After the Duathlon event in Huntington Beach, CA hubby, mingming and I was going to walk around the beach, so our mingming on the leash was ready to go.  It was around 0930 or 1000 in the morning.  When we were walking at about a few meters in the sandy beach one woman told us that there was a sign said "No Dogs Allowed" she also said that "Because it's a cat maybe it's okay".  We were talking with the woman for a few minutes. When we had a few steps forward the lifeguard came out from his nest.  He shouted, "No Dogs Allowed," including the woman we we all shouted back "It's a Cat!!" again... he shouted, "No Dogs Allowed".  We thought that he didn't heard us, so we all shouted back the same thing "It's a Cat."  The third time we were trading the same message, some people in the beach under the umbrella joined us to let him know that it's not a dog and it's a cat on the leash. 

Finally, he shouted "That one too is not allowed in the sand". He also said, "No animals allowed in the sand".

Well I guess our teased worked out very well.  I think that young man ran out of what he gonna say.

Later, we decided to drove by Bolsa Chica Reserve outside the beach.  Michael and I walked around the ground while our mingming was relaxing inside the car.

Here are some pictures we took.


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