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Sunday, June 1, 2008

What's For Dinner Tonight?

It's 5:30pm PST, it's time for me to think what to cook for dinner. But I didn't really have a lot of choices in the fridge because I only have 5 frozen jumbo shrimp. I decided to made calamari, I split the body with head and made batter (Eggg, Calamari Mix, Salt and Bread Crumbs). Of course the head is a very good part of the shrimp specially if it's very crispy. It was a pretty good dinner for two people plus we had banana and avocado.

After dinner we were watching televesion. Creme Bulle ice cream was really good, but calories are way too high 340cal per serving and it has 4 servings. Too much carb really made me feel sleep 'mo buti-ti na jud ko ani'. I really need to exercise twice a day to keep my body fit .

1 comment:

americandream said...

irene, gigutom ko sa imong dinner...naa pa sobra diha...LOL! maayu man pud diay ka mangluto ba...ako pud kay murag nahilig na sad nako ning luto luto...LOL!