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Friday, June 13, 2008

Visiting Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado with Friends

June, 12, 2008

Me and my friends in Colorado ('Te Joy, Jenn, MJ and Steve) drove to Estes Park, CO to visit the mountains and took some pictures of course. Too bad that part of the road was closed, so we couldn't drive all the way to the top. We still had a lot of fun and enjoyed the beauty of the wilderness. We saw elks and deer. 'Te Joy was hoping to see the big black creature 'the Bear'. It was too early for them to be out. It was kind of chilly up in the mountain. I bet we all had stomach gas after a while. After our never ending picture taking, we decided to go home and have something to eat. Our stomach was growling because of hunger, I felt a little bit light headed I think because of dehydration as well as the elevation change.
Our dinner was, fried squid, vegetable (I think) and chicken.

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