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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Spending a lot of my time in the Phone

Last May of 2008 my hard drive crashed, last week Friday, my husband replaced my laptop with a new hard drive sent by IBM. I had my office 2007 pre-installed when I bought my laptop. After he installed all the Rescue and Recovery disks my office 2007 is nowhere to be found in my computer. Weekend as all we know that many business doesn't operate, good for people who worked for the company and have 2 days off every week. There is really nothing much I can do but wait 'til Monday to call Lenovo Sales to get some input on how they can help me get a copy of my Office 2007 CD. IBM technical support couldn't help me either.

Oh well.... I don't want to put too much stressed on myself and just wait 'til Monday and call different people again. Hoping I can get some help on how to get a copy Office 2007 CD that I purchased with my computer last November of 2007.

'till then.....

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