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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Together we can move a nation! Sign up to be a team captain today

There are so many ways to walk with a purpose not only for our own personal benefits but also to help and support many research such as the Alzheimer's Association.

Join the Alzheimer's Memory Walk to help raise funds for Alzheimer care and as well as for the awareness, support and research.

Alzheimer's Memory Walk needs volunteers of all ages and help promote on how to fight against Alzheimer's. Join the walk with more than 600 communities and don't hesitate to be part of this life's changing event for many people by raising funds for future Alzheimer prevention. Your presence and help through walking with many people and helping each other fight for Alzheimer's can make a big change with the world.

The walk is held during weekend, so give a spare of your time to join and invite your family, friends and your neighbors and walk together. The event is going to be on fall and typically about 2-3 miles.

By helping through joining the walk this also help many people to prevent Alzheimer in the future.

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

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