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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nintendo - Gaming at home or on the move

Since I started being a part of the high tech world I became a big fan of Nintendo. There are so many variety of Nintendo DS games for different age group to choose from. Of course I bought the games that I enjoyed playing while I am at the cafeteria on break from my class or I am in the air plane. I enjoyed playing brain age for Nintendo DS, I also like Sudoku these are one of many games that I like and not to forget Mario. Who does not like Mario right? Last Christmas of 2007 my husband’s request from me as his Christmas present was Nintendo Wii and because this is very popular and they only released limited quantity I was having a bit of a hard time looking for one on-line that is not way too expensive thankfully I found one over the Internet. A few months back a friend told me that I have got to try Wii Fit and she guaranteed that I am going to love it. I am thinking to buy one for my husband’s Christmas present next month. Before I do buy my Nintendo games and the wii fit. I am going to do price comparison first to get a very good price.

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