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Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello Monday!

I just can't believe it's almost April. My birthday is coming up. Have no plans yet. I may have small get together with a few of my friends. Since I just moved here in CA recently I really don't have a lot friends though I met a few Filipinos and I think they are nice people. Anyway, been so busy lately that I didn't even have a lot of chance to keep my blog updated. I will give an effort to keep y'all updated with one of my blog at least one blog a day.

It's PST here and am up early with my work. I enjoy working early in the morning like threeiesh because I feel like I have longer hours to do something than getting up late and going to work later and I only have a few hours in the day.

I guess my body clock is starting to get used of me getting up early because I don't feel tired that much when I get up. Before I was a bit tired and very sleepy probably because I also go to bed a little bit later than my schedule. I tried to get at least 6 hours of sleep that's why I go to bed around 730 or 8 and get up around quarter to 2 or at 2 o'clock the most. This gives me enough time to toast 1 bagel, shower, and dress-up to go to work.

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