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Thursday, April 2, 2009

PR is Gone!

I think google didn't visit my blog anymore. Is this because I haven't updated this blog more often. Even my GBL is now 0. I should start keep this blog up to date. My very busy schedule keep me from regularly update my blog. Thankfully I got a job with our down economy. I love being out from my house during the week and do something as well as learning new things. I am woking in the accounting department. And I am having fun with my work.


Rolly said...

It happened to me before because of so many ads like PPP,they hate it and now, they rectified my PR to 2.

Pls update my links and could you please add my other links.

Joro Livelihood
Joro, The New Beginning
Absolutely Joro
The World Of Joro
The Tale Of A Bukidnon Lad
Baconchezjoro Multiply

dodong flores said...

Google pagerank is unpredictable. That always happen to me too. But it always comeback. I think work is more important than Google pagerank :)