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Friday, June 26, 2009

Handyman Never Showed Up

Well he just lost a business. I have quite few things that needs to be done in the house like changing the faucet and as well as the outlets and switch. I got the handyman contact through San Diego craigslist website. I did call the guy during lunch time and set up an appointment with him to meet up in my house to give me an estimate, we agreed that he is coming over around 5:30 or so in the afternoon. I said that this is a very good timing because we should be home by then. Around 5:30 or 5:45 has passed and no handy man showed up. I really don't like people who cannot keep their word especially if the appointment has already been set up. I can understand if there's a special reason why the appointment haven't meet but by not showing up and not letting the other party know is so unacceptable. Good thing is there's another handyman I called and he did respond with my voincemail. Since I really need my faucets replace and the soonest available appointment this guy have is tomorrow. Unfortunately we are busy. We are going to the Del Mar Fair in the morning probably until 2pm then I have party to attend in the afternoon. One of my friends baby is celebrating her first birthday. I am excited again to see my friends and meet new people here in San Diego.
Anyhow, my handyman's appointment will on on Sunday morning around 8 or 830 in the morning since next weekend is 4th of July and it's no fun to work during holidays.

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