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Thursday, June 26, 2008

General Cleaning & Extra Curricular Activities

Been very busy today. I did my general cleaning in my tiny apartment. I am finally done unpacking all our stuff in the box from Colorado, organizing and putting them away. Moving is really tough. Mind you this is my 6th moved since 2003. Hoping that we're not gonna move again for now. I am so tired packing, boxing and unpacking all our home goodies.

Well, on the bright side it's also good because we can finally start downsizing all our stuff that we don't need. For now, am not planning to buy stuff for the house that later might end up in the dumpster.

Anyway, because I had a few stuff that I didn't use anymore I decided to put them in the balikbayan box to send to the Philippines. Some shoes and clothes and other knick knacks. I may not use these here, but I have family members or my mom's friends that may need it. Plus it seems like it's been a while that I haven't send them a balikbayan box.

Will continue later.... still have other stuff to do.

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