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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lobster Special Every Wednesday.

June 25-26, 2008

Though it's high in cholesterol, 'Lobster' is such a very good food. Especially every Wednesday in 'Boat House Restaurant' in Downtown San Diego by the Bay. This is one of our favorite seafood restaurant so far.

Michael ordered two lobster for $11.95 each, I also ordered the same thing + 2 Chocolitini ;). For that price it's a bargain! Where can you find $11.95 a lobster in any resto? If you are not allergic to seafood with shells, love seafood, planning to visit sunny city San Diego or live in San Diego. I definitely recommend this restaurant to try at least once.

Anyway, I am very sure that I ate too much lobster and dirty rice because my stomach really hurt. A few hours after we finished our dinner I still felt my stomach too full. Over eating a lobster is not such a very good idea. I should just stick to 1 lobster. I felt like 1 is not enough, so I really have to order two. Even though my tummy hurts for over eating the lobster. It was worth it, the lobster was really good.

I went to bed around 2200 hrs and around 0200 hrs my bloated stomach woke me up. I ended staying up 'till 0500am. So, I decided to make a draft for my blog for today as well as visiting other bloggers website and left my trail :). Being awake that early in the morning you can't really think of any other things to do, you either turn on your computer and browse the web and some do watch TV or just to nothing. I decided to turn my computer on and did some reading.

Anyway folks.. here are some pictures that I share to you. I am a little bit sleepy now, so I better go back to bed before my sleepiness go away.

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